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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 04

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Dog FAQs 41-50

41. Is glaucoma hereditary?
One type is. It never skips a generation.

42. Do dogs have hernias?
Yes. The most common is the small navel (umbilical) hernia.

43. What makes some dogs' eyes reflect red at night?
It is a rare hereditary characteristic.

44. Do dogs have lockjaw?
Yes, but it is so rare that preventive innoculations are not usually administered.

45. Can humans contract heartworms?
Yes, but the diagnosis can be made only if heartworm inside the lung is verified by a pathologist.

46. Is mange transmissible from dog to man?
Sarcoptic mange is transmissible from dog to man and also from man to dog.

47. Do dogs have many forms of cancer?
Probably as many forms as humans have.

48. Can a dog get fat in any way other than by eating too much?  How about glands?
Glands help to regulate the use a dog makes of the food it eats. Eating is the only way it can get fat.

49. Do dogs have venereal diseases?
Not the kinds human beings have, but there is a cancer transmissible by copulation, as well as a disease called brucellosis.

50. Will a dog infect its wounds if it licks them?
No. It licks any dead tissue away, along with bacteria. It may lick and chew sutures out that were placed to close a skin incision.

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