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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 06

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Nail clipping

If your dog is not walked that frequently normally, their nails may have grown quite long. This happens to Sheeba if she does not get enough walks. Long nails may cause your dog discomfort when suddenly given long walks.

Have a dog grooming parlour trim your dog's nails before you head off.

Bathing and brushing your pet will help to keep your new accommodation looking and smelling fresh, while trimming your pet’s nails will ensure they don’t damage any upholstery or carpets.

Dog Friendly Article: Mange, Mites And Parasites - Natural And Chemical Treatments

How Mange is Diagnosed

In order to diagnose mange - and even more importantly identify which kind of mange dogs have - the vet does a skin scraping. He/she will take a sample of the dog's affected skin and place it under a microscope. The vet can then see the mites and determine which type is the causing all the problems.

Keep in mind that treatments differ according to the kind of mange diagnosed. For dogs to be treated appropriately it is therefor
e very important for dogs suspected of having mange to first have skin scrapings done by a vet.

Treating Mange in Dogs

Treating the various types of mange may sometimes be quite difficult and needs lots of patience. Also many of the treatments available for mange management can be quite harsh.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed and used with various mite treatments to remedy any accompanying skin infections.

Sarcoptic mange

For sarcoptic mange, there are several kinds of treatments that can be used. A number of them include dipping with sulfurated lime dip twice per week, or applying topical spot-on medications like Revolution or Certifect, along with the oral usage of ivermectin, either liquid or tablets/chewable (for example ivermectin-based heartworm preventives).

Sarcoptic mange is especially contagious, so it is crucial that infected dogs be isolated while undergoing their treatment. Their bedding must be regularly disinfected or discarded until the dog is negative on multiple skin scrapings.

Treatment for sarcoptic mange lasts for many weeks; sometimes it can take months to kill all of the mites.

Demodectic Mange

Demodex is treated with ivermectin where appropriate. Certifect, as well as Mitabine Dip, has also been used with success, but Revolution has no effect on these mites.

Dog owners need to focus on diagnosing the cause of their pet's immune problem because demodectic mange often occurs and reoccurs if the dog is unhealthy. Proper nutrition, antioxidants along with other supplements do help, but should there be immune or metabolic conditions, then a vet will need treat it.

Since Demodex is not contagious, dogs do not need to be isolated while undergoing treatment.

Modern treatments and insecticides for Mange

Modern medication is seldom dangerous to dogs as long as the instructions of the manufacturers are strictly followed. Ivormectin use might be unsafe for collie breeds when a higher than the typical dose for heartworm prevention is used. Also, Mitaban & Certifect contain Amitraz an ingredient that has been loosely associated with the potentially fatal skin disorder, pemphigus.

For the dosages required to be successful in the treatment of mange, these medications can make treatments extremely expensive.

Try Natural treatments of Mange

If you want to avoid using the harsher chemical treatments there are several natural methods that you can try. However it remains very important that even though you are using natural remedies the cure must also be supported by using natural supplements, antioxidants etc.
, to improve the dogs immune and inflamed skin condition.

Natural mite remedies

Tea Tree oil or essential olive oil that is smeared topically over the hair thinning areas

Raw apple cider vinegar treatment used together as a wash and also include it in their meals

Baking soda and Borax (not boric acid). Mix 2 tablespoons of Borax powder with 2 cups of baking soda and allow it to dry on the coat.

People have claimed success by boiling lemon peels steeped overnight in boiling water, which is then used as a rinse.

You can also use recommended commercial herbal products that are available such as shampoos, dips and tonics which have proven to be effective in the treatment of mange.
Trust your vet

The most successful way of treating mange is if you have even the slightest suspicion that the dog may be infected, then take your pet to the vet. There is no other way.

Frank Rijkers is a freelance writer for BPetSmart. If you are searching for more information related to dog health then will find exellent articles and guides that teach secrets to dog training, guide to puppy house training, guide to dog health and even more helpful advice to keep your dog at its peak. is all about you, the owner, and your family having a lasting relationship with your dog.

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