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Dog Friendly Tips: Dog Bathing

Dogs and cats are the only pets ordinarily bathed, and they are bathed simply to remove dirt and odors. There is no best way to bath a pet, and no way has yet been found to eliminate the need for elbow grease.

Because the coats of dogs are water-resistant, the help of a chemicals iis needed to wash a dog with ease. A liquid detergent used to hand wash dishes will work and liquid soap with coconut-oil base is excellent. Special dog shampoo is ideal (not human shampoo though - wrong chemicals).

The shampoo must be well worked into the coat and rubbed until the dirt has been loosened or dissolved. After lathering, suds must be thoroughly rinsed from the coat. This is best accomplished by working in the fingers through the hair, just as one does in applying the soap solution. Usually one soaping and rinsing is enough, but if necessary, the process may be repeated again to be extra thorough.

There are soaps that contain vermin poisons. If one is used, no further medication is required. However, there are several very efficient dips and rinses available that are well worth using to finish off your pet's bath. Prepare the solution just before the bathing starts. After the pet has been washed and rinsed, pour the dip or special rinse all over the coat, allow it to saturate the coat for a few minutes, squeeze out the surplus with your hands, and dry the pet.

A loosening of hair generally follows any bath. After the pet is dry, considerable combing is generally necessary to free the coat of the loosened hair and give it a sheen and tone.

Is it safe to bath a dog in winter? It is safe provided the pet is well dried before being allowed outside in the cold air. Many pet owners bathe their pets at night, knowing they are sure to be dry by morning.

Another common question concerns the age at which it is safe to bathe a young animal. There is no rule about age. Young puppies that have become soiled and foul-smelling must be bathed if they are to be kept in a house. There is never an incident of a bath harming a pet, provided it was properly dried. Also do not put a dog in too hot a bath; it is better for the dog to wash them in a luke warm shower or luke warm water so they do not get too hot.  

Puppies of all breeds frequently suffer from parasites and diseases. When one gets sick shortly after being bathed, the bath is all too often assumed to be the cause. Most of the harm that supposedly results from bathing has actually been caused by a pre-existing condition.

There are also several dry shampoos available that are quite effective cleaning agents.

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