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Dog Friendly Tips: Whipworm

This parasite is seen more often in dogs than cats. It usually resides in the large intestine. Infestations are difficult to confirm because the whipworms shed comparatively few eggs.

An examination of stool samples may not always expose the presence of whipworms.

Telltale signs may include chronic weight loss and the dog may also pass faeces that appear to have a mucous-like covering. This is particularly noticeable in the last portion of the stool.

Dogs in a kennel or an area where whipworms are known to be common, are likely to be suspected of whipworm infestation. The whipworm is seldom a cause of death, however, they can be an annoyance for the dog and difficult to diagnose.

The vet may prescribe specific whipworm medication. Repeated wormings may be necessary, particularly if there is the likelihood the dog may become re-infested.

To learn more about parasites of man and animals visit the Centers for Disease Control at and search for “Prevention of Zoonotic Transmission of Ascarids and Hookworms of Dogs and Cats”.

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