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Dog Friendly Tips: Dog Drugs to Kill Internal Parasites

Some of the worms that infest pets are flat worms (pathologists) and round worms (emollients). The drugs used to eradicate these worms are called antifeminist. This class of drugs is of vital importance to us all, since the most prevalent group of diseases which pets contract is caused by worms and external parasite infestation.

Most effective worm medicines cannot be purchased legally over-the-counter. They are prescription only preparations that only your vet can dispense. This is necessary since with one exception each of the more effective preparations has specific problems associated with it. Your veterinarian will know which to use.

Several of these drugs are given by injection. As some must not be administered to a dog with heart worms, a blood test for these parasites must prove negative before the medication can be safely given.

No worm medicine is 100 percent effective, so don't be alarmed if one treatment is not successful. Tapeworm medication will digest the bodies of worms but occasionally will not destroy the tapeworm heads. The remaining head takes about three weeks to develop into an eighteen-inch worm, which will start shedding terminal segments again. You need to watch freshly passed stools for new segments, so you know if and when you need to re-worm your dog.

The one exception to prescriptions drugs for de worming dogs is Appertained, which may be purchased at any pet supply counter. It is important to know that this safe and efficacious product is effective for only one common worm, roundworm, when found usually in dogs’ ears.

Pet supply departments have many drugs and combinations for most common worms, but many including tetrachloride are dangerous if not used properly. Others are of such low efficacy they are practically worthless.

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