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Dog Friendly Tips: Dehydrated Raw Diets

What makes dehydrated raw food so special? The most obvious visual element is that each ingredient is clearly identifiable to the naked eye.

The food resembles muesli in its dehydrated form – a colorful ‘medley’ of real, recognizable ingredients.

The vibrant pigments in the raw ingredients remain intact through a gentle dehydration process. These pigments, which give vegetables, fruits and other foods such as eggs, their bright colors, are potent phytonutrients (antioxidants) and are becoming more and more widely understood for their ability to quench free radicals, build a strong, healthy immune system and combat disease.

Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of preservation and works by removing only the water, not the nutrients from food.

Dried raw foods are highly nutritious, easy to prepare and lightweight enough to ship.

The best part is that dehydration does not destroy or kill vital food enzymes as can occur with foods that are frozen or cooked at very high temperatures. This type of minimally processed food can result in dramatic benefits after just a few weeks of feeding – brighter eyes, better skin and coat quality, higher energy levels, and reduced incidence of chronic food-allergy related problems such as itching, scratching, food chewing and debris build-up in the ears.

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