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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 34

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: House training

To illustrate the training-by-rote method we will use the example of housebreaking a puppy. This requires a good deal of time, for a week or two, but the rewards are great.

The puppy should be housed in a crate or cage just large enough for it to curl up in. Place a folded blanket in the bottom as a bed. Take the puppy outside every few hours, and above a few minutes after a meal, but when the puppy's back in the house it should be in the cage when you don't have time to watch its every move.

It is a rare puppy who will soil its own bed, and once the habit of relieving itself outside is established almost every puppy will remain housebroken for life.

Dog Friendly Article: Handling Aggressive Dog Behavior

We all love our animals and we often consider them to be a very intimate part of our family. They provide us with companionship and in some cases, with a sense of protection that we come to appreciate. There are also times, unfortunately, when problems can arise and this can make it very difficult on the dog and the owner alike. If you begin to have problems with your dog, what can you do to ensure that it does not become a serious issue that is insurmountable?

One of the most important things for you to understand about dog behavior is the fact that it tends to be fairly consistent. If you have had a relaxed dog that is very kind and gentle which suddenly begins to bite or to act inconsistently, that is not always a sign that it is a bad dog. When you see these problems occurring, it is often best for you to seek the advice of a veterinarian, as there may be a medical reason for the problems that are occurring. Your dog is unable to convey its feelings and the fact that it is not feeling well to you in any other way than acting out. Problems such as an infection can easily turn the nicest dog into one that is a problem.

There also going to be times when a problem animal needs the help of a certified dog trainer. It does not take very long for inconsistencies on your part to add up to problems with the animal. Some of the more common problems that can occur with dogs is digging, chewing and barking. Although these are natural items for the dog to be doing, they can result in frustration and in the damage of your property. Dog training is one way for you to be able to get a handle on the situation as quickly as possible.

One of the choices that you are going to need to make is if you're going to have the dog trainer come to your home or if you're going to go for some type of group session. Although there are times when a group session can be enjoyable and beneficial to both the dog and the owner, more serious problems are better handled on a home level. One of the reasons why that is the case is because your dog may act inconsistently if it is taken out of its home environment. By having the dog trainer come to your home, it is going to give him an opportunity to see how your dog is acting
in and reacting to its own environment.

If I could give you one more piece of advice about handling a dog that is displaying any problem, it would be a need to be consistent. Your trainer is going to give you advice and hands-on experience as to how you can handle the dog and you should make sure that you handle it in such a way on a regular basis. In doing so, you help to establish and maintain the pattern that will hopefully be the new pattern in your household.

The author of this article have been in the Marin dog training business for many years. As a Marin dog trainer, she have handled aggressive dog behavior many times in her career and likes to offer some tips in taming them.

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