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Dog Friendly Tips: How often should a dog be fed?

Jack and Sheeba are fed just once a day in the evenings, after their last walk. Of course, a dog should never be fed before a walk or exercise. My mother feeds her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks twice a day, two small meals that are the equivalent of the one larger meal I feed mine.

Over-eating can cause obesity which can lead to your dog having high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate.

Keep your dog lean by feeding him or her a well-balanced, quantity-controlled diet. The age and size of your dog determines the number of times he or she should eat each day.

Using the free choice method - that is, letting your dog eat whenever and however much he or she wants - is not advised as it will significantly increase your dog's risk of becoming overweight for the breed.

Have set feeding times so you can monitor your dog's diet and how much they are eating.

Dog Friendly Article:
The Most Effective Way of Training Your Puppy to Sit

This is among the first tasks a dog owner desires to teach their brand new puppy - how to sit on command. Even when your pet dog already is able to sit on spoken command, read this article. We guarantee you will discover something new!

The method you will employ to show your dog to sit is known as the 'lure and reward' method. You'll lure your family dog into a sitting position, after that without delay praise her. It's a popular method since it is powerful, simple for you to do, and simple for your family dog to understand.

How about we get started.

Stock up your pocket with doggie snacks. Take your pet dog to an area where there won't be a great deal of interruptions.

Then, while your pet is standing, place a treat in your hand, and move your hand to within an inch or thereabouts of your pet's nose. Be sure she smells the treat hidden in your hand and is centering her attention on it.

Move your hand little by little backward, about an inch over her head, between her ears, toward her tail. Keep your hand low above her head so she would not attempt to jump up to get the treat.

As your puppy watches your hand with the treat move just over her head, she will bring up her chin up-and her
hind end will plop down into a sitting posture. When that takes place, quickly present her with the treat and say "Good!"

Now move several steps away. Get the pet dog to stand and follow you. Next reiterate the steps you just performed.

Did you realize you haven't said to "Sit" yet? Don't say that up until you can get her to sit consistently by moving your treat-filled hand over her head, toward her back. Once you are certain she's going to repeat this correctly the next time you do that, say "Sit" a split second before you begin moving your hand. When she sits, instantly reward her with the treat and "Good!"

Repeat this process a few times, saying "Sit" right before she does so.

In case your pet dog backs up rather than sitting down as you move your treat-filled hand over her head and in the direction of her back, position her so that she is facing out of a corner and cannot back up without hitting the wall.

Now perform this two or three times each day over the week. Vary the time of day and location. Do no more than five rep
eats throughout each session. Decrease the number of repetitions as your puppy learns... ultimately asking her to sit down only once, 2 or 3 times per day. Dogs have a tendency to learn how to sit fairly quickly, and repeating the lesson too often is only going to make them bored.

After a few of days of successful "Sit" practice, start to concentrate a little on your hand motion. As you move your treat-filled hand over your puppy's head and in the direction of her tail, begin to emphasize an upward sweep of your hand... much less above her head, more in an upward curve toward your body.

Remember to use a teaching area that is slightly more distracting as time goes on.

Enjoy the fun playing with your family dog! Don't focus all of your time together on coaching. Invest lots of quality time just enjoying each other's company.

Our online website has many resources to make owning your pet an enjoyable experience. Be sure to visit us at Free Puppies to Good Home and sgn up for our newsletter.

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