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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 11

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Pet thieves

Don't Leave Them Alone:  Never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle. Aside from the risk of warm days, when the temperature in your vehicle can rise in minutes, even with the windows open, these days any animal left alone in a vehicle is an open invitation to pet thieves.

Dog Friendly Article: Testicular Cancer In Dogs - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The other day when out in the forest with my dogs and horses I met a very sad, mournful couple. As we got talking they informed me that their dog companion for many years had left his physical body due to testicular cancer.

His testicles had grown to the size of apples and the vet had advised them to let their friend go in dignity. Sadly they had reached the decision to have him put to sleep.

It is well I remember their little fellow - a cross between two small cross breeds who always wore a smile on his face. His whole appearance radiated happiness and joy to be alive. Whenever I saw him I felt happy too.

The little man was just one of the many, many male dogs who suffer terribly and lose their lives because of the big C.

Owning two entire males I wondered what might be done towards prevention since cure seems almost impossible.

One thing I found was the connection between plastic and the havoc it creates in our bodies. Since most the studies on cancer promoting substances are performed on animals I feel safe to assume that what holds true for us as human beings also holds true for our dogs.

Plastic containers, water bottles, baby bottles, plastic toys and such like contain phthalate - substances to soften the plastic and prevent brittleness.

They give off some chemical called Bisphenol - A which mimicks the female hormone oestrogen, binding to the oestrogen receptor and causing the same effects as that female hormone would do.

This means that the male body receives doses of oesrogen that disrupt his own hormone balance. Over time this dis- balance may cause the cells of his testicles or prostrate to change to malignancy.

The same holds true for the female physiology - a constant intake of oestrogen imitation substances is dangerous for females too because the hormone balance must not be interrupted if the body is to stay healthy.

I know that, at least here in Germany, laws are under way which forbid the use of phthalate in baby bottles but there is no such law in respect to dog bowls or dog toys made of plastic.

After my discovery my dogs got brand new bowls - made from ceramic. I banned all plastic toys from the house. I know these measures are rather small ones to take but I am sure that every little helps when it comes to reducing the overall body load of toxic substances in my dogs.

I never fail to marvel at the beauty and splendor of every single dog I meet - day in and day out. The soul of a dog is a very close companion to his person's soul and I strife to help that special love relationship grow and grow - every day a little more! By giving information and offering insights as well as animal communication sessions - even when your dog has left his physical body. You can count on me! Visit me, Psychologist M. Annelie Becher on my website at

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