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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Brecon Mountain Walk 04

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Dog Friendly Wales Walk in the Brecon Beacons

Dog Friendly Tips: Dog Beds

You will need to take your dog bed with you. Some bedroom floors can be hard and unfamiliar. Also while you are in the bar, your dog will be lying on a hard oak floor. You may prefer to put some soft bedding down for your dog for use in the Patti Bar.

Travelling with soft bedding for your dog means they will be more comfortable in the car, particularly in an estate car which has a hard base, and the same bedding can then be used around the hotel.

Craig y Nos Castle has recently invested in half a dozen dog beds for use in the Patti Bar, following the replacement of old carpets with new oak flooring. Some of these dog beds are luxury memory foam dog beds and others are just fluffy deep dog beds. Select one suitable for your dog and firm enough that their elbows do not dig in and get sore on the hard surface underneath.

I prefer these deep memory foam beds but you do not often find them except via an on-line search. I certainly do not think much of those dog beds often seen in pet shops that have a fluffed up outer border, but are thin and useless in the middle, though these may be suitable as a top-cover for a deep foam bed.

Dog Friendly Article: Are You A Dog Lover? Yes, I Am!

A dog is a man's best friend. Dogs do have emotions and they are unique in their own ways. They cry when someone dies, they feel happy when they know your are contented and they need affection from you. In fact, dogs give unconditional love, happiness and joy to their owners. Dogs are the most well-known pet among all other animals. If you do love them and take good care of them, they will surely protect you and care for you. How? By their willingness in taking out all kinds of risks just to guide you in the safest way.

Both dog lovers and dogs have mutual understanding. They create closeness and friendship to one another. Take note, don't forget to show them your emotions, affection and always fill them with compassion. It is the most precious thing dogs are longing for. So if you want to exercise that kindness, here are the basic checklists you must not forget.

1. Bathing. This may not be essential to others however, it is still necessary to you as the owner. They should be neat and clean. Bath them
at appropriate intervals so that skin infections and dryness will not occur on their skin.

2. Grooming.
Regular proper combing of your pet ensures their coat will be smooth and tangle free. A quick once over should ideally be done daily, depending on the breed.

3. Food. In terms of food, there are different dog foods that are available in the market. Some may be cheap and others expensive. If you own high-breed dogs, you must also be aware of their
particular food requirements.

4. Health care and recreation.
Dogs are like humans and they also need a regular affordable checkup. For recreation, dogs love to play, run, and do activities to exercise their physical and mental ability. However, don't force dogs if they don't want to play.

5. Safety.
Be alert to other dogs your dog meets that may have behavioral problems that can rub off on your own dog, and be alert to any behavioural problems your own dog may display towards other dogs.

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