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Dog Friendly Tips: Treatment for Worms

What action should you take? When it comes to getting rid of worms many people head straight for over-the-counter treatments. These may be far too harsh and often less effective, than your veterinarian's prescribed treatment, in ridding your pet of these parasites. Some may even do more harm than good. Some will not apply to the type of worm your dog has!

Most, if not all, conventional de-worming treatments, are chemically-based and may be harmful to your pet in the long-term.

Continued de-worming with conventional products may also weaken your pet's immune system.

In some cases, apart from slight irritation, your pet may not be too concerned about a mild worm infestation. Other internal parasites can be life-threatening, especially in large numbers. Some pets develop a hypersensitivity to worms, which may cause serious complications.

Early diagnosis for the presence and type of intestinal parasite is very important. Depending upon which kind of worm is present, a different type of wormer may be used.

All worms do not respond to the same treatment. No individual wormer works against all kinds of parasites.
Some non-prescription wormers are quite ineffective in removing worms from the dog.

Your vet will have the best kinds of wormers for the particular type of parasite. If you are concerned about your pet's symptoms consult your vet for advice before resorting to over-the-counter remedies.

Take the worming advice of your vet seriously rather than buy over the counter and adhere to strict sanitation principles, especially when pets and children are in close contact.

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