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Dog Friendly Hotel Swansea Craig y Nos Country Park in Winter 17

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Craig Y Nos Castle in Winter

Dog Friendly Tips: Elastic Bands, Children & Dogs

Children often put elastic bands around the neck, leg, tail, ear, lower jaw, or even the penis of their pets.

The hair covers the band and it goes unnoticed by adults until swelling and odor are observed. There is little that can be done by the owner after he or she has removed the band. If the skin gap is too wide, have the vet stitch it to prevent formation of a hairless scar.

To avoid children playing near animals with elastic bands or similar elasticated items such as hair ties, keep an eye out on floor areas to remove any discarded bands. Postmen often discard elastic bands in front gardens and pavements when delivering the post, so be sure to pick these up before either the dog gets hold of them or a child starts to play with them. If you have dogs or children playing in the front garden, ask your postman to not drop elastic bands on your property!  The same care needs to be taken in the kitchen or wherever you open your own post.

Ropes and small chains may also cut deeply through the skin.

Dog Friendly Article: Dog Trainer Quotes - 5 Famous Sayings By Dog Trainers

Many people enjoy learning more about their pets from well-known dog trainers. Through the years, many famous dog trainer quotes have pointed out significant aspects of both dogs and their owner's lives. These are some of the favorite famous dog trainer quotes in recent and past years.

Quote 1

Jeanne Schinto, a well-known trainer once said: "Dogs are not people dressed up in fur coats. To deny them their nature is to do them great harm." To delve deeper into this saying, is to infer that dogs have a unique personality and nature that is very different when compared to a human being.

While we may at times want our dogs to act more obediently or to change their natures to make them more convenient, this type of thinking is not beneficial for the dog or the owner.

Quote 2

Dog trainer, Robert F. Scott, once said about his dog: "The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment." With this saying, Robert is trying to emphasize how dogs do not dwell in the past or look forward to future events.

They are focused on the present, whether they are playing with their owners, taking a nap, or gazing longingly outside the window. We can learn a lot about how dogs act in their natural environment, focusing on the present time.

Quote 3

Morton Wilson once said about a certain breed of dog, "All dobermans should be named 'Einstein'." As any doberman owner can attest, they are an incredibly intelligent breed of dog.

While some breeds of dog tend to more intelligent than others, having a smart dog can be a benefit as well as a challenge. Intelligent breeds of dog tend to be focused and may often get bored, leading their owners to frustration at times and wonder at their intelligence at other times.

Quote 4

Andy Rooney now famous remark about dogs is, "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person." Once again, most dog owners can agree with this quote. In general, dogs are affectionate and kind, wanting very little and giving a great deal.

Dogs love to be around people and will go to great lengths to be a wonderful companion to both adults and children alike. For anyone who wants a faithful companion, adopting a dog is one of the best choices.

Final Quote

For one final quote, we turn to Christopher Morley. "No one appreciates the genius of your conversation as the dog does." This is also true. While we may often feel ignored among friends, family, and co-workers, our dogs always want to hear what we're saying.

Whether talking about the weather, sports, or even politics, dogs are always eager to hear us talk, especially when the conversation is directed to them. Many people attest that their best conversations are with their dog and it's certainly hard to find a more compassionate listener.

Dogs are Great listeners

These are some of the most beloved and well-known dog trainer quotes. These quotes remind us of how our dogs act and why they make such great and faithful companions, giving them a special place in our lives.

Franks primary interest has always been obedience training his dogs. Whether sea or land loving dogs he has had the privilege of being their friend worldwide. This passion is still very close to his heart see He has recently started training his new mate, a female apricot toy poodle named Fudge. Because these dogs do not shed and are small and agile, they are ideal for cruising yachts and motor homes. Frank and his wife are currently planning to do two road trips, one of New Zealand and the other a round trip of Australia. With obedient Fudge by his side and all the sporting toys in the campervan it will not be long before the adventure begins.

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