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Dog Friendly Holidays Wales Craig y Nos Castle Aerial Pics 02

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Craig Y Nos Castle Dog Friendly Hotel in South Wales - Aerial Pictures

Dog Friendly Tips: Truly Pet-friendly Dog Friendly B&B

"Pet-friendly" has a very broad definition in the hotel world. Check how pet friendly they are - is 'pet-friendly' an afterthought ticked on a hotel directory website to say they accept pets but they haven't really thought it through? Or is it something the hotel actively encourages?

1) Charges: What is the charge for bringing a pet?  Craig y Nos Dog Friendly Bed and Breakfast near Brecon does not charge for pets.

2) Will there be a cleaning fee that may or may not be refundable? Craig y Nos Dog Friendly Hotel inn the Swansea Valley is owned by a cleaning agency. So we know our vacuum cleaners. For dog hair we use the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. At £1500 a pop, these are not cheap but they knock the Kirby into the shade, as they are genuine bagless technology (unlike the Dyson which is really a bowl with filters instead of a bag with filters). The only machine which can make mincemeat of dog hairs on carpets is the Rainbow. So we do not need to charge extra for cleaning. Should you wish to buy a Rainbow vacuum cleaner yourself, we can pass you on to the UK distributor who will be delighted to sell you one!

3) Are there weight restrictions, breed restrictions? Craig y Nos Dog Friendly Accommodation and rooms have no restrictions on size of dog but be sure to ask for a large enough room if bringing several large dogs.

4) May I leave them unattended in the room while I'm gone for the day? Craig y Nos Hotel does not mind if you leave your dog unattended for a moderate amount of time (such as an evening out at a non dog friendly restaurant) but generally you should be aiming to go out for the day with your dog. An entire day in the room alone would be too long.

5) Are there restrictions on dog numbers? Craig y Nos Dog Friendly B&B does not have a restriction on number of dogs you bring.

6) Are dogs allowed anywhere in the hotel? Craig y Nos Dog Friendly Hotel has no restrictions on where dogs may go, though we do reserve the main restaurant for non dog owners; dog owners can eat with their dogs in the Patti bar.

7) Are there areas where the dogs can run off the lead to relieve themselves? Craig y Nos Dog Friendly Accommodation has two walled in comfort break areas, though the Nurses Block is not fully walled in.

The theatre gardens are fenced and walled in but there are three gates you will need to check are closed before letting your dog off the lead. Poop scoopers are provided and as the theatre gardens are used for Wedding Parties and photos, please be diligent about keeping this area clean at weekends. (Staff will check the gardens every couple of days and we find most dog owners are very good about clearing up!)

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