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Rhossili Bay on the Gower Dog Walk06

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South Wales Dog Walks - Rhossili Bay, Gower, Swansea

Rhossili Bay: Best Beach in the UK 2010

Rhossili Bay was voted the best beach in the UK in June 2010!  Neighbouring Oxwich Bay received the same award in a separate year.

At low tide there is a huge expanse of beach. It is possible to walk across the bay to Llangennith or cross onto the Worms Head. Keep an eye on the tide though, to ensure that you don't get cut off. There is always some sand, even at high tide but I have had to wade across on occasion. Some people have got themselves stuck on the islands overnight at high tide.

Many different birds nestle on the cliffs. I am not a bird watcher myself but for those that are into bird watching, this area is of considerable interest.

From Rhossili town there is a very steep walk down to the beach with loads of steps. This may not be suitable for pushchairs or anyone who has difficulty walking. I don't like having to walk up again so a more level access to the beach (no climbing up or down) is available at 'Halfway'. This is a campsite area halfway along the beach that you can park in and from where you can get on to the beach half way along.

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