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Penwyllt Mountain Dog Walk08

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South Wales Dog Walks - Penwyllt Mountain

Penwyllt Mountain Tracks Dog Walk Information

The picture above shows the tracks heading south towards the Caving Club. The Upper Swansea Valley is off to your right at this point, still within sight occasionally but you are now quite high up. Some good views of mountain scenery all around. But bleak and desolate looking and often quite windswept.

You can continue past the caving club and walk south along the railway track as well.

If parking at the station, you would walk along the old station platform, past the railway station on your right, and down the old tracks. However the southerly route has several locked gates which you have to lift dogs over. Some can be opened but not all.

The farmer that owns this section of the Brecon to Swansea old railway tracks walk wants to end the right of way, and he is striving to stop people using the path by allowing it to become completely overgrown.

He has mostly achieved this a mile further down, by allowing some gorse bushes to so completly obscure the path that if you did not know better, would make you conclude the path has dead-ended. Once through the gorse bushes, the path resumes.

The Gorse can be quite prickly to walk through. As not many people use this walk, the views and scenery here is not really appreciated by many.

There is a right of way, albeit the official footpath leaves the old railway line at some point around the gorse bushes and heads across open fields to a large aerial mast. So if you meet the farmer, know your right of way route as at some point you will be off the right of way by sticking to the tracks.  The first track off to the right takes you to the road and the mobile phone mast at this location, and you will then back on the right of way.

You could walk back along the road to make a circular walk, but there is no point as you will have to walk UP the hill to the now abandoned Pennwyllt Railway Station to get back to your car.

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