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Penwyllt Mountain Dog Walk04

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South Wales Dog Walks - Penwyllt Mountain

Penwyllt Mountain Tracks Dog Walk Information

The circular dog walk takes about one and a half hours. Because the weather can change suddenly up in the mountains, with sleet and wind and driving sideways rain, it is best to go prepared with warm waterproof clothes, though in the summer you should be OK.

Park near the Quarry. Walk back down the road you drove up, for five yards or so, and go through a latched field gate up a gravelled track to a second field gate. You should be passing the quarry on your right and at this point are looking north up the Swansea Valley and at some points can see the line of the straight Swansea to Brecon railway track that you are now going to walk along.

The second five bar aluminium gate is always locked, which is a nuisance for dogs. Small dogs can sometimes squeeze under a dip worn into the ground under one side of the gate. Larger dogs have to be lifted over the lower barbed wire fence to the right of the gate. The public right of way goes either over the gate or over a style to the right. Leaving the Quarry behind you on your right, continue for a mile or so along the railway track till you get to a right hand track going uphill into some woods.

Follow this right hand track through the woods for another mile or so, going uphill steadily but not too steeply. On exiting the forest at another metal field gate (both the gate into and out of this forest can be opened, so there is only the first gate that you have to lift dogs over), a track goes off to the left and another to the right.

Take the right hand track which after a few yards crosses a bridge with a small pond on the right whcih dogs may choose to splash in, though I recall this was being filled in when I last looked. A right hand path curls around the side of a mountain, and leads you back to the Caving club.

Branch off to the right after the small bridge and follow this to the steep incline and winching building (now a ruin). Descend the steep track to the Caving Club; at the bottom of the steep straight section of track you do not continue straight on down the valley but instead you turn off right towards the low caving club buildings. Pass the caving club on your left as you go through a pedestrian gate, and walk down the caving clubs rutted and wide access road, back to your car which you should have parked by the quarry, ideally next to Adelina Patti's waiting room at the now disused Penwyllt railway station.

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