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Penwyllt Mountain Dog Walk01

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South Wales Dog Walks - Penwyllt Mountain

Penwyllt Mountain Tracks Dog Walk Information

Penwyllt is a Welsh hamlet located in the upper Swansea Valley, to the east of the Black Mountain. It now has only a few houses and is mostly open mountainside with a disused quarry. It used to be home to 400 - 500 people in the Industrial Revolution era. You would not know this now as all the housing stock was dismantled and presumably the stone re-used elsewhere.

A former quarrying village, quicklime and silica brick production centre, its fortunes rose and fell as a result of the industrial revolution within South Wales. It is now an important caving centre and there are old railway tracks that you can do a circular walk around, all with excellent views over mountains and the Upper Swansea Valley.

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