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Dog Walks Wales Llyn Brianne Reservoir 09

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South Wales Dog Friendly Walks - Llyn Brianne Reservoir

Llyn Brianne Dam: Kayaking now banned on the slipway!

Llyn Brianne has been popular with extreme sport enthusiasts and in 2008 the 300ft tall Llyn Brianne Dam acheived national notoriety when a video of kayakers hurling themselves down the spillway at speeds of 45mph was posted on Youtube!

Watch the video of the kayakers on Lynn Brianne Dam youtube video. The canoeists reach speeds of up to 45mph. It's actually so dangerous that the water authority has now banned this sport on the dam's slipway.

Hitting a wall of water at 45 mph is not so safe and Kayakers could lose their heads on the steel ridge at the bottom. Drowning, once you are knocked unconcious, becomes a distinct probability.

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