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Dog Walks Wales Llyn Brianne Reservoir 05

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South Wales Dog Friendly Walks - Llyn Brianne Reservoir

Llyn Brianne Reservoir: A tourist attraction now

Once the last piece of machinery had left the valley, life did return to some normality.  The place was quiet once more but where people used to come to see Twm Siôn Cati’s cave,  now they came to see the new reservoir.

The new road system connected the Cambrian Mountains to Tregaron and beyond. Water is provided for West Glamorgan and areas further afield.  

Sometimes the level has dropped and Fanog farm has emerged eerily from its watery grave.  Word got around and soon there were hundreds of visitors climbing all over the old ruin.  Someone even put a, 'For Sale,' sign on it.  There were no takers.

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