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Laugharne Castle Dog Walk

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Dog Friendly Walks - Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle & Dylan Thomas

The magnificent medieval castle cum Tudor mansion later became the perfect antidote to writer’s block. Both Dylan Thomas and author Richard Hughes put pen to paper in the castle’s garden summerhouse.

Looking out over the estuary, like an eagle nesting on its eyrie, this impressive relic of ancient times commands your attention.  ‘Brown as owls’ as Mr Thomas put it in his ‘Poem in October’.

Built in the 13th century by the de Brian family, probably atop an earlier Norman ringwork castle, the solid mansion we see today is the lasting legacy of Sir John Perrot.

It did not fare well during the Civil War. Having been captured by Parliamentary forces after a siege it was partially dismantled.

Make time to stroll through the castle’s Victorian gardens before heading for the shore to take in the views.

Take in the coastal walk and look back at the impressive Castle. Once you have taken your dogs on a run along part of the coastal walk, return the way you came with some calmer dogs, and pop in to the Boat House for tea.

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