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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walk09

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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walks Near Swansea

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

The steep path to the falls is potentially dangerous in wet conditions. So if it is raining heavily or very cold and icy, I would postpone visiting the falls. Though the path is well drained, there are sections of it that are just rock or stone and these can get slippery in the wet.

There is no rope fence or anything to hold on to, which, given how popular this waterfall is, seems an overdue upgrade. Wear shoes that have a good grip, or good walking boots; you will probably not make it down the path in one piece wearing slippery smooth soled shoes.

Getting back up again is actually safer than the downhill descent, though anyone who is easily out of breath won't get much fun out of the return climb either!

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