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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walk08

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Henrhyd Waterfalls Dog Walks Near Swansea

Henrhyd WaterFalls Information

Henryd Waterfalls is actually rather quick to walk to, and you could get to the Falls and back in around 25 minutes. This leaves you with having to get in the car and find somewhere else to explore.

However if you want to make a longer outing of it, and if it is a nice day and reasonably dry, you could explore the riverside path heading down and away from the falls. So on your return walk from the Falls, once you have crossed the footbridge, instead of turning right to go back to the car park, take the meandering path to the left.

You will need good walking boots for this as it is treacherous in places, some parts of it occasionally subside down the bank, and in some cases you are on stepping stones over parts of the stream. You can walk for an hour or so along the river. It is not a circular walk so you will have to retrace your steps to get back to the car. It is however an excellent walk for dogs as they can bound up and down the hill and also in and out of the river.

Note that occasionally the odd stray sheep is wandering along the steep banks either side of the river, so keep an eye on your dogs if letting them off the lead, in case they put up a sheep.

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