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UK Dog Owners and the Big Snail Count

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Published in Dog Health · 8 October 2014
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UK Dog Owners and the Big Snail Count

People across Britain are being asked to join ‘The Big Snail Count’ as part of the ‘Act on Lungworm’ campaign.

The campaign which is aimed at helping dog owners recognise the link between mollusc activity in their gardens and the risk of lungworm to their pet is encouraging families to take part in a timed snail and slug count within their gardens and local parks, recoding and submitting data on the number, location and activity.

The Big Snail Count comes ahead of a wider lungworm research programme in 2015, which will hope to create an overview of lungworm in the UK and a detailed analysis of how it is spreading across England, Scotland and Wales.

Infection with lungworm can cause serious health problems in dogs and can even be fatal if not diagnosed and treated.

You can watch a detailed video of how to get involved here.

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