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The Dog Bakery

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Published by in Dog Food · 24 January 2014
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Just arrived in the post , some Crunchy Liver Sticks and Beef & Carrot Cookies and some Salmon & Sweet Potato Shorts – courtesy of

They smell great – Jack wolfed 2 down straight away.

The Dog Bakery say -

So, how did it all start?

Quiet simply really, being dog owners ourselves we could not find what we wanted to give our pet dogs as a treat every now then.

That is how the whole idea started for making our own treats, nothing fancy just a natural, healthy indulgence the dogs would love. Having lots of friends that have either pet or working dogs we used them as a test market if you can call it that….. “Here’s a few treats see if your dog likes them as much as ours do” was the kind of normal conversation we had over a cuppa or at family gatherings.

Surprising that it has grown in to a full time occupation for us now and as we develop we will expand our range offering new tasty and fresh flavours, natural herbs & suppliments, we like to keep it simple & natural, thats our secret ingredient!

We have lots of plans and these we will keep you updated on.

Hope you enjoy the journey with us and your feed back is always welcome."

The Dog Bakery Team.
Scott Latham
Willow Grove, Belper, DE56 1LX 01332 229210,

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