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New Dog Beds proving a hit.

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Published by in Dog Beds · 22 February 2013

Because we have laid new character oak flooring in our bar and corridors, I thought this would be a bit harsh on dogs when lying down in the bar while their owners dine. So I have invested in a range of different beds. There are 6 so far, some with deep memory foam and some just deep and fluffy. They average around £60 each and you can get them on line. There are cheaper makes that are very thin in the centre with a fluffy border, but these are not really providing much more than a pillow for the dog's head resting on the edge. So I have opted for the deept thick dog beds that will give macximum comfort to even the heaviest breeed of dog. My mother has two Ridgebacks who are prone to getting sores on their legs and hocks so soft dog beds re essential for these skinny legged, short coated, but heavy breeds of dog.

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