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New Availability Page on new Brecon Beacons Hotels website

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Published by in Dog Friendly B&B stays · 14 May 2013
Tags: Martin

We have added a quick and easy B&B availability page to a new website - Brecon Beacons Hotels. Have a quick look at this if you are thinking of booking a dog friendly B&B or D,B&B stay.

Q: Why not simply put the availability page on the existing dog site?  
Ans: Because I like to have only ONE availabilty page to update on line. I put it on the new Brecon Beacons Hotels site only. If I have the same page on other sites, I'll inevitably forget tp update them and end up with out of date availability on some websites. So it is easier to link through to one place.

Our dog friendly website is now at the top or near the top of Google for most dog friendly accommodation searches. However I noticed anyone searching just for hotels or B&B in the Brecon Beacons (without adding 'dog friendly') would not easily find us. So I created a small new site called and within 24 hours of it going up, it started receiving enquiries and bookings - thanks to a bit of promotion on the new site!

The weather has been pretty bad lately but do not let this put you off. There's enough walking locally not to need to get the car out - just pop up the umbrella and step outside the door into the Country Park!

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