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Autumn Vet Clinic for dog owners with Chris Packham and vet Paul Sands

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Published in Dog Health · 19 September 2014
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Log on to our live and interactive web TV show to for tips and advice on how to make sure your dog stays healthy and happy this autumn

Show date: Tuesday 23rd September
Show time: 13.00

Keeping our precious pooches healthy is the number one priority for responsible pet owners, yet how many of us only take our dogs to the vet when they get sick, or they are in pain?

Preventative health care is a key aspect of responsible dog ownership, and moving from the summer months into autumn and eventually winter can be a challenging time.

On the back of long, dry summer and mild autumn, we can expect to see a much higher prevalence of ticks.

And as we move into the cooler winter months and turn on our central heating, we need to be aware of the potential for fleas to multiply in our warm homes. So what do we need to look out for, to ensure our pets are not subjected to unwanted passengers and the diseases they can bring.

Log on to our web TV show where Chris Packham and leading vet, Paul Sands, will talk through what you can do to ensure your dogs remain parasite and disease free.

Chris Packham and Paul Sands joins us live online at on Tuesday 23rd September at 13.00

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